Zoning Ordinance Administration

Alert: COVID-19 Zoning Guidance

The Zoning Ordinance Administration Division reviews building permit applications to ensure compliance to the Chicago Zoning Ordinance. Plan reviews are conducted by plan examiners located at City Hall, 121 N. La Salle St., Room 905, Chicago.

Lakefront Protection Review

The Chicago Plan Commission reviews and holds public hearings on certain development projects within proximity of the City's Lake Michigan shoreline in accordance with the Lake Michigan and Chicago Lakefront Protection Ordinance.

Part II Review

Part II review involves a review of plans prior to construction to ensure that the development conforms with every aspect of the approved PD amendment.

Planned Development Designations

The Planned Development (PD) zoning designation is required for certain projects to ensure adequate public review, encourage unified planning and development, promote economically beneficial development patterns that are compatible with the character of existing neighborhoods, allow design flexibility, and encourage the protection and conservation of the city's natural resources.

Planned Development Review Fees

During the 2020 Budget process, the Chicago City Council amended the fee structure for Planned Development (PD) review fees in Section 17-13-0610 of the Municipal Code of Chicago.

Signs: Business Identification (On-Premise) and Advertising (Off-Premise)

Sign applications are created and processed on-line in the Department of Buildings E-permit section for signs.

Zoning Amendment

Applications and fees for zoning map amendments must be submitted by the owner of the property to be rezoned or include written authorization from the owner. The City Council is the final decision-making body on zoning map amendments.