Signs: Business Identification (On-Premise) and Advertising (Off-Premise)

Sign applications are reviewed for location, size, placement, setback, height, type and other characteristics to ensure conformance with the zoning ordinance.

Sign applications are created and processed on-line in the Department of Buildings E-permit section for signs. Full applications are then printed out and submitted to the Department of Housing and Economic Development, along with the site plans, construction drawings and rendering. Applications are reviewed and either approved or denied through the Department of Buildings online permit system.

Fees are $200 for Business Identification signs (on-premise) and $500 for Advertising signs (off-premise) per application.Fees must be paid by credit card at the application stage of the permit process in order to print a hard copy for zoning review. Checks are not accepted for new applications.

All sign permit applications completed online must also include a site plan. Applications submitted without the site plan will be considered incomplete and returned.