Administrative Adjustments

Administrative adjustments are intended to provide a streamlined approval procedure for minor modifications of selected zoning standards.

Made by the City's zoning administrator, administrative adjustments enable developments that are more in keeping with the established character of local neighborhoods, provide flexibility that will help promote rehabilitation and reuse of existing buildings, and provide limited flexibility for new construction to address unusual development conditions. The administrative adjustment fee is $500.00.

Zoning issues eligible for the administrative adjustment process include: 

  • Lot area
  • Floor area ratio
  • Porch and stairwell enclosures
  • Below-grade terraces
  • Setbacks
  • Rear yard open spaces
  • Building heights
  • Spacing between townhouses
  • Nonconforming licensed taverns
  • Frontages on private streets
  • Certain parking requirements
  • Non-conforming dwelling units (shared housing units)
  • Driveway/vehicle access standards
  • Ground-floor commercial space requirements

For information regarding review and approval policies and procedures consult the Chicago Zoning Ordinance: Written Notice (§17-13-0107-A), Authorized Administrative Adjustments (§17-13-1003) and General Approval Criteria (§17-13-1007-B). Specific approval criteria is detailed in §17-13-1003-A through §17-13-1003-KK.

Application materials for administrative adjustments are available at the below links.