June 2023 Committee on Design meeting

The Committee on Design is meeting on Wednesday, June 14, 2023, with the public session of the meeting beginning at approximately 1:20 p.m. The meeting will be livestreamed, and members of the public are welcome to join the Zoom session using passcode 482518.

Address (Community Area, Ward) Agenda Description Draft Presentation

Committee Member Briefing
1-1:20 p.m. (Closed to the Public)

Woodlawn Social
63rd Street and Ellis Avenue
(Woodlawn, 20th Ward)

Woodlawn Social is the winning submission from the 63rd Street Request for Qualifications (RFQ) that DPD released in August of 2022. Submitted by POAH & KMW, Koning Eizenberg and Harley Ellis Deveraux, this proposal follows Park Station as the next mixed-use, affordable housing development on 63rd Street, between South Ellis and South Greenwood Avenues. The project intends to create a new neighborhood center and to establish a precedent of design excellence for the continued redevelopment of the 63rd Street corridor. The proposal will include 60 rental units and 10 for-sale townhomes as well as approximately 8,500 square feet of ground floor retail space and 26 parking spaces. The project is subject to the Woodlawn Housing Preservation Ordinance and, as such, is required to designate 30% of the rental units as affordable at 30-50% AMI. As a modern interpretation of a traditional courtyard building, the project was designed to be sensitive to the existing neighborhood scale by breaking down the mass of the program into three discrete elements while also creating a generous public plaza and a private courtyard for both rental and townhome residents.

Draft Presentation

Black Ensemble Theater
4427-59 and 4440-56 N. Clark St. / 1425-27 and 1437-47 W. Sunnyside Ave. 
(Uptown, 46th & 47th Wards)

4450 N. Clark is a proposed 78-foot tall, 6-story mixed-use development comprised of a 22,000-square-foot Performing Arts Education Center, 8,000-square-foot Media and Technology Center, 14,000 square feet of retail space, 50 affordable residential units and 92 new parking spaces. This development is proposed by Black Ensemble Theater and would be constructed across Clark Street from the organization's existing facilities. 
Draft Presentation

Lake & Halsted Development
800-16 W. Lake St.
(Near West Side, 27th Ward)

 800 West Lake Street is a proposed amendment to Planned Development 1468 with a net site area of 35,688 square feet for Subarea A. The applicant is proposing to revise the base zoning district to a DX-10 (Downtown-Mixed Use District). The amendment includes a revised design, increased height, new site plan configuration and new planned development boundaries from the previously approved proposal. The proposal includes a multi-story (412’) residential building containing 375,989 square feet, 406 dwelling units, 102 accessory vehicular parking spaces, ground floor retail space and 2,400 square feet of open space. Draft Presentation


Committee on Design
June 14, 2023
Livestream | Zoom (passcode 482518)