Development Manual for Plan Commission Projects

Guide to the application process for projects requiring Chicago Plan Commission review.

The “Development Manual For Chicago Plan Commission Projects” provides supporting information for Planned Development (PD) applications, Lake Michigan and Chicago Lakefront Protection applications, proposed zoning map amendments within designated industrial corridors, and interagency referral items.

Each type of application incorporates specific information and supplemental materials that are reviewed based on established criteria and standards that are explained in the manual. Each application requires review by either the Chicago Plan Commission, the Chicago City Council, or both, in addition to an internal review by the Department of Planning and Development (DPD).

The review process is designed to promote healthy, functional neighborhoods that accommodate the needs of residents, businesses and visitors, while also enabling the development community to further the City of Chicago’s legacy as one of the world’s most livable big cities.

Download the manual here or at right. Supplemental info can be downloaded below.

Development Manual Presentation
Intake Submission Checklist
Sustainable Development Policy Matrix
Planned Development Statements
Planned Development Extension Request
Lake Michigan and Chicago Lakefront Protection Application
PD Jobs Notification Form
Plan Commission Meeting Calendar
Economic Disclosure Statement



Development Manual Cover

Manual is formatted to be printed on 8.5" X 11" paper, double-sided.

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