Fulton Market Innovation District

The Fulton Market Innovation District (FMID) Plan was adopted by the Chicago Plan Commission in July of 2014 and identifies a vision to preserve existing jobs while accommodating private sector investments that reinforce the area’s expanding role as an innovation-driven employment center.  To implement the FMID plan’s vision, the City proposed an ordinance to:

  • Replace a portion of the existing Planned Manufacturing District zoning designation with its pre-PMD designations east of Ogden Avenue to allow for new uses including modern manufacturing and commercial
  • Apply the Industrial Corridor System Fund to the area, which requires certain commerical and office projects to pay a fee to remove manufacturing zoning. The fee could generate tens of millions of dollars to support industrial development elsewhere in the city
  • Expand the City’s existing Neighborhood Opportunity Bonus system to the rezoned area to generate funds for commercial projects in under-served neighborhoods, along with local infrastructure and designated landmarks
  • Designate the Kinzie Corridor Overlay District, which prohibits residential uses in the area

In November 2017, the City Council approved the FMID Implementation Ordinance.

Oct. 19, 2017, Plan Commission meeting materials

Oct. 10, 2017, FMID implementation meeting materials

Aug. 24, 2017, FMID implementation meeting materials

Sept. 19, 2017, FMID implementation meeting materials

The Fulton-Market Innovation District plan is designed to coordinate ongoing development in and around the city's last remaining market district. The plan is intended to coordinate development patterns that balance the area’s historic role as a center for food production and distribution, along with its more recent evolution as a home to innovative industries, culture, nightlife, and housing.

The plan identifies seven key actions that serve to guide City policies and investment within the area generally bounded by Hubbard Street, Halsted Street, Randolph Street and Ogden Avenue. The plan includes:

      • A formal land use plan to guide future zoning change requests.
      • General design guidelines.
      • Assorted infrastructure and streetscape projects that reinforce a cohesive district identity that combines food, innovation, culture and nightlife.
      • And a historic preservation component, approval of which is pending ongoing discussion and pending actions by the Commission on Chicago Landmarks and the Chicago City Council.

    Fulton Market Innovation District Plan

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