Kinzie Framework Plan and Implementation

UPDATED Sept. 17, 2020

The Kinzie Industrial Corridor Framework Plan was approved by the Chicago Plan Commission in May 2019.

The plan was a result of a community-based process led by the Department of Planning and Development to review and enhance the Kinzie Industrial Corridor. As part of the Industrial Corridor Modernization Initiative, the process intend to maintain the corridor as an economic engine and vital job center, provide better access for all transportation modes, and enhance the area’s unique built environment.

The framework identifies corridor employment trends and land use changes over time, as well as the historic character and development of the area, and makes recommendations to encourage industrial and some commercial development for continued employment growth within the corridor. 

The public process included more than 200 participants across two community meetings.

Please email if you have questions or if you wish to be kept apprised of the City's progress with implementing the plan.


Kinzie framework cover

Read the Framework

Boundary Map

Land Use Map

Frequently Asked Questions

Implementation Ordinance

Engagement Schedule

Date Event Materials and Community Input

May 16, 2018

Meeting on Existing Conditions

Industrial Council of Nearwest Chicago (ICNC), 320 N. Damen Ave.



Employment Trends

Land Use

Zoning Map


Oct. 9, 2018

Meeting on Draft Recommendations

ICNC, 320 N. Damen Ave.


Existing Zoning

Proposed Zoning

Market Research Business Interviews

History and Development

Employment Trends


Aug. 13, 2019

Meeting on Proposed Implementation Ordinance

ICNC, 320 N. Damen Ave.

Proposed ordinance




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