West Irving Park TIF

Designation: 2000    Expiration: 2024

Located in the Portage Park community, the 140-acre West Irving Park TIF district is characterized by aging commercial and limited industrial uses as well as institutional facilities and public open spaces. The purpose of the district is to help retain and expand existing businesses, to foster the rehabilitation of existing residential and commercial structures, and to develop new commercial and housing facilities on vacant and underutilized land. Priorities also include upgrades to area streets and sidewalks, a variety of public infrastructure and traffic circulation improvements, and soil remediation efforts where necessary. Public open space improvements, job training and day care services are also supported by the TIF.


Redevelopment Plan (PDF)
Designation Ordinance (PDF)
Annual Report (PDF)
Projection Report (Data Portal)



West Irving Park TIF district, roughly bounded on the north by Sunnyside Avenue, Grace Street on the south, Long Avenue on the east, and Normandy Avenue on the west.



Jacqueline B. Vaughn Occupational High School

Portage Park

Merrimac Park

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