Transit Friendly Development Guide

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    The Transit Friendly Development Guide designates each of the CTA's 144 rail stations with one of seven typologies that are common across the rail system. The designations are intended to shape the public's expectations about potential development while identifying the nearby zoning and infrastructure assets that maximize each station as a community anchor.

    Drafted by the (former) Department of Zoning and Land Use Planning, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), the Department of Transportation and private consultants, the guide establishes potential development scenarios by using highly developed station areas along the system as models for growth.

    In drafting the guide over the last two years, planners conducted bi-monthly technical workshops with public officials and local interest groups, held open houses on the North and South sides of Chicago, and convened one city-wide stakeholders meeting. it was adopted by the Chicago Plan Commission on December 17, 2009.

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    Transit Friendly Development Guide        Station Typology Map

    Transit Friendly Development Guide (Four Stations) DRAFT

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