• Monica Jimenez
  • Acting Chief Procurement Officer

Office of the CPO

Telephone: 312.744.9750

Monica Jimenez, First Deputy Procurement Officer
Telephone: 312.742.4500

Mitchell Krock, General Counsel 
Telephone: 312.742.9479

Contract Administration Units

Byron J. Whittaker, CPPO, CPPB, Deputy Procurement Officer - Construction, Arc and Eng, Commodities, Small Orders
Telephone: 312.744.4926

John O'Brien, Deputy Procurement Officer - Professional Services, Vehicles & Heavy Equipment, Work Services
Telephone: 312.744.4922

Lorel Blameuser, Deputy Procurement Officer - Aviation
Telephone: 312.744.1948


Certification and Contract Compliance

Jacquelyn Charleston, Deputy Procurement Officer, Certification, Compliance
Telephone: 312.742.5042

Telephone: 312.744.1929

Finance, IT, Salvage Operations

Steve Loboda, Deputy Procurement Officer
Telephone: 312.744.7960

Application Support, Shared Administrative Services, Bid & Bond

Benjamin Ho, Deputy Procurement Officer
Telephone: 312.744.4921

Freedom of Information Requests

Telephone: 312.744.4900
Facsimile: 312.744.0010

Department Facts