Our Structure


Administration – CPO and First Deputy

Per 65/ILCS 5/8-10 of the Municipal Purchasing Act for cities of more than 500,000, the Chief Procurement Officer (“CPO”) is the sole contracting authority for supply, service and construction type contracts.

Public Information

This unit is responsible for the development and implementation of  DPS communications strategy and objectives

Application Support, Shared Administrative Services and Bid & Bond

This unit is responsible for providing operational support for the department.  Responsibilities include supporting and integrating  software applications into the business process of DPS; tracking and routing contracts, modification, amendments, and task orders through the signature cycle; processing commodity, supplier and location codes; debt checks; maintaining the Bid & Bond room; records management, and front desk reception.


The DPS Legal Unit: advises management on legal issues related to departmental operations as they are affected by local, state, or federal laws, statutes, or contracts; manages the research and drafting of responses to all bid protest and contract dispute responses;  coordinates Freedom Of Information Act requests and responses; drafts and reviews legal documents and bid specifications; drafts debarment letters, negotiates settlements and coordinates with DOL for hearing requests; meets with community members and attorneys representing the City, other public jurisdictions, or private parties regarding issues affecting the department;  revises DPS rules and regulations; assists with the drafting of new City ordinances; and assists in the development of departmental policies, procedures, and programs, as required.

Contract Administration

The DPS Contract Administration Unit is responsible for managing the public bidding and contracting processes for the procurement of various goods and/or services for approximately 35 City departments and agencies. 

Human Resources

Functions include personnel services, payroll administration, training, and hiring oversight

Finance & Salvage Operations

The Finance & Salvage Operations Unit is responsible for managing the DPS’s financial resources. Unit responsibilities include processing DPS procurements and vendor payments, maintaining official financial records and preparing annual budget and other financial reports, managing Salvage Auction Program.

Office of Contracting Equity:


The DPS Certification Unit is responsible for managing the City’s Supplier Diversity program including outreach and vendor relations, and monitoring the overall MBE/WBE/DBE program for compliance with the City’s ordinance.


The DPS Compliance Unit monitors the overall MBE/WBE/DBE program for compliance with the City’s ordinance.

Department Facts