Economic Disclosure, Affidavit, Online EDS

The City of Chicago requires disclosure of the information requested in the Economic Disclosure Statement and Affidavit (“EDS”) before any City agency, department, or City Council action regarding the matter that is the subject of the EDS.

Applicants can complete an EDS either manually (hard copy) or online (electronically).  It is easy to use the Online EDS application's online manuals and videos. 

Applicants are STRONGLY encouraged to complete the EDS online.  Most solicitations require the EDS to be completed online.


The following information relates to the manual completion of the forms.

EDS Instructions

EDS Form

EDS Appendix C

Whether completed online or manually, the following EDS Rules provide guidance on interpretation of the EDS per Chapter 2-154 of the Municipal Code and 65 ILCS 5/8-10-8.5 of the Illinois Complied Statutes. 

EDS Rules

The purpose of the following EDS Recertification is for you to recertify your EDS prior to submission to City Council or on the date of closing.  Generally, for use with City Council matters and not for City procurements unless requested.  If unable to recertify truthfully, The Disclosing Party must complete a new EDS with correct or corrected information. 

EDS Recertification


EDS Slavery Disclosure

Pursuant to Section 2-92-585 of the Municipal Code, the City’s Economic Disclosure Statement (EDS) requires contractors to certify that they searched all of their company records and records of any predecessor entities regarding records of investments or profits from slavery or slaveholder insurance policies during the slavery era and to certify as to whether they identified such records. 

View EDS documents disclosing slavery records

Online EDS

If you have any questions regarding the Online EDS application, please contact your Procurement Contract Administration liaison.  Online EDS manuals and videos are available once you click the following button.  Vendors are encouraged to use the online application in lieu of hard copy form completion. 

Save time, save money, and go Green using our Online EDS application!