2002 April Bid Tabulations

4/30/02 B17507003A Ready Mix Concrete

4/29/02 B29680702 Emergency Asphalt Repair

4/29/02 B89683203 (01-021) Request for Demolition Services Court Ordered Class “A” Demolition Bids

4/29/02 C720010005 Diaphragm Metering Pumps *

4/26/02 F2998940002 Used Fire Equipment

4/26/02 PB14780101 Arterial Streets Resurfacing

4/26/02 PG11870101 Dept. of Sewers-Sewer Lining Program-S. Commercial Ave.

4/26/02 PU01420101 W. 19th. Street Impromvement *

4/25/02 B89683203 (02-024) Request for Demolition Services Court Ordered Class “C” Demolition Bids

4/25/02 PB60469901A Halsted St. Viaduct Clearance Improvement-Archer Ave. to Chicago River

4/24/02 B25706402 Sheet Metal and Miscellaneous Shapes *

4/24/02 B29753401 Airfield Maintenance Contract for Chicago O’Hare International and Chicago Midway Airports

4/24/02 C925990002 RFP, for Category 5: Traffic Signals-Illinois First Program: Traffic Signal Modernizations

4/24/02 PE11380101 Skyway Toll Bridge System *

4/22/02 C070020006 One Hazardous Material Incident Response Truck

4/22/02 C720010002A Two Fluoride Transfer Pumps *

4/19/02 B19680703A Asphalt Overlay at O’Hare Airport and Chicago Midway

4/19/02 B29687113 Furnishing Transfer Stations & Disposal Sites (Landfills)

4/19/02 PP10080101A Chicago Permit Center City Hall - 8th & 9th Floor

4/18/02 B09182803 Professional Services for Computer Maintenance and Support Services

4/18/02 B047590101 RFP for Continuing Medical Education Internet Classes

4/18/02 B89683203 (02-023) Request for Demolition Services Fast Track Class “C” Demolition Bids

4/17/02 B29295042 Parts and Service for Heavy Machinery and Equipment

4/16/02 B29290804 Repair Service, Parts and Accessories for Bell Helicopters

4/16/02 C968020007 Request for Demolition Bids Fast Track Class “D” Demolition Bids

4/16/02 C020020001 Mower Decks Flex-Wing Type Rotary Cutters *

4/15/02 F2998940001 Used Trucks and Equipment

4/15/02 C070020004 One (1) Extended Full-Size Van Modified for Transportation of Wheelchair and Ambulatory Passengers

4/15/02 B26557501A Photographic Supplies *

4/12/02 PH60210201 O’Hare International Airport-American Airlines Baggage Room Rehabilitation Phase 2

4/11/02 B99461504 RFQ to Provide Professional Real Estate Appraisal Services for the City of Chicago

4/11/02 B09106604-05 Roofing Services - Fire Engine #95-4005 W. West End

4/11/02 B17456705 Bituminous Materials and Asphalt Primers (Hot Mix)

4/11/02 B89683203 (02-022) Request for Demolition Services Court Ordered CLASS C Demolition Bids

4/10/02 C493010002 One (1) ICP/MS Spectrometer System with Related Equipment and Supplies

4/10/02 C968990037 “RFP” for Category 6: Movable Bridges, Carroll Ave. Movable Bridge and Transit Way

4/10/02 PB14200101 and PB14300101 South Lake Shore Drive-Burnham Pk.-Mainline (Oakwood Blvd. to 56th St.) and Burnham Pk.-Mainline (23rd St. to Oakwood Blvd.)

4/9/02 B09106604-05 Roofing Services - Central District Headquarters

4/9/02 C968990037 “RFP” for Category 6: Movable Bridges-Power Conversion-Various Bridges

4/9/02 PB93680101 Roadway Improvement-Torrence Ave.

4/8/02 B09106604-05lib Roofing Services Bessie Coleman Library-731 E. 63 rd St.

4/8/02 B09106604-05throop Roofing Services Chicago Fire Dept.-Fire Engine #28-2534 W. Throop St.

4/8/02 B09106604-05whipple Chicago Fire Dept.-Engine Co.#109-2358 S. Whipple St.

4/8/02 B15608102 Crew Cab/Chassis with Aerial Derricks, Double Buckets and Bobtail Line Bodies

4/8/02 B19883603 Weed Cutting Services - North

4/8/02 B29686404 Parking Meter Coin Collection Service

4/8/02 F2998680001 Sale of Wood Chips - Various Sizes

4/5/02 B20709204 Canine Patrol Vans 4/5/02 B29666001 Rodent Warning Program *

4/5/02 PG58800101A Drop Shaft Structure Repairs-Nashville Ave. System and Mount Greenwood System *

4/4/02 C968020006 Request for Demolition Services Court Ordered Class “D” Demolition Bids

4/4/02 PH60820201 Chicago-O’Hare International Airport-Runway 14L-32R Rehabilitation

4/3/02 B16808801 Paper and Cardboard Police Targets *

4/3/02 B17507003 Ready Mix Concrete

4/3/02 B19622105A Pressure Washing Various Surfaces

4/3/02 B29146103 Painting of Fire Hydrants and Curbs *

4/3/02 PU01500101 South Maplewood Ave. Reconstruction-West 35 th St. to West 37 th St.

4/2/02 C365010003 One ride on Battery Powered Floor Scrubber *

4/2/02 PU1380201 New Street Construction Project "X" *

4/1/02 B10705307 Cab/Chassis With Utility Bodies, Telescopic Articulated Booms

* Target Market Program

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