2000 September Bid Tabulations

9/29/00 B03252507 Dog And Cat Food *

9/29/00 B89683203(00-71) Request for Demolition Services Court C

9/28/00 B09621902 (RFP) for The Operation, Administration, and Assistance with a Culinary Arts Program At Gallery 37

9/28/00 B09618816a Meteorological Services At O’Hare International Airport

9/27/00 B09106604 Roofing Services

9/27/00 B89683203 (00-73) Request for Demolition Services Class C

9/27/00 C968000044 Request for Demolition Services Class D

9/26/00 B05702101 Open Grid Bridge Grating (Welded)

9/26/00 C840000004 Video and Audio Tapes *

9/25/00 C968990038 (RFP) for Category 4: Construction Engineering

9/25/00 B0205901 Sun Microsystems Servers and Related Products *

9/25/00 B02051110 Computers, Servers, and Related Products *

9/22/00 B09751420 (RFP) for Automobile and Light Truck Leasing and Maintenance Services

9/22/00 PB82270001 Roosevelt Road Improvements Ogden Avenue To Ashland Avenue

9/22/00 B99343702 Irrigation System Maintenance And Repair

9/21/00 B01924602 Four (4) De-Icer/Anti-Icer Airport Runway Fluids And Solids *

9/21/00 B09689701a Removal of Abandoned Electrical Signs

9/20/00 B64051301 Purchase Supply and Delivery of Natural Gas *

9/20/00 C968000042 Request For Demolition Services Class D

9/20/00 B89683203 (00-72) Request For Demolition Services Class B

9/19/00 C918990051 (RFP) for Conflict Management Training

9/19/00 B89683203 (00-70) Request For Demolition Services Class C

9/18/00 B09106605 (RFP) for Pre-Qualification of Roofing Contractors To Perform Roofing Services

9/18/00 B89683203 (00-68) Request for Demolition Services Class C

9/14/00 F0998940012 Sale of 19 Used Vehicles & Equipment

9/14/00 B06405002 Disposable Drinking Cups and Related Supplies *

9/14/00 B09684210a Job Order Contract 9/14/00 B09684211a Job Order Contract *

9/13/00 C968000040 Request for Demolition Services Court D

9/12/00 C031000003 Domestic Waters *

9/12/00 PB93210001 Wallace Street Viaduct Clearance Improvement

9/12/00 PB93950001 Street Light Improvement

9/11/00 B09526201 (RFP) for a Three-Tiered Point of Services (POS)

9/11/00 B09534803 (RFP) for Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) Program

9/11/00 B91557601 (RFP) for Coordinated Street Furniture Program for the City of Chicago

9/11/00 C560000001 ONE (1) AC Electric Walkie Counterbalanced Stacker*

9/7/00 B09487413 Proposal (RFP) for Dental Maintenance Organization

9/7/00 B05508510 Replacement Covers and Doors for Poles

9/7/00 B09150302 Legal Advertisement Services

9/7/00 C070000018A Five (5) Full size 12-Passenger Vans

9/7/00 C070990045a Two (2) Meter Service Trucks

9/6/00 B02106401 Reinforced Concrete Sewer Pipe, Fittings, Gaskets and Catch Basins

9/6/00 B04853202 Urinal and Toilet Drip Deodorizer System, Parts and Refills *

9/6/00 B09295501 (RFP) for Operation, Maintenance and Supervision of the Airport Transit System

9/6/00 B09618816 Meteorological Services at O’Hare International Airport

9/6/00 C968000039 Request for Demolition Services Fast Track Class D

9/6/00 B89683203 (00-69) Request for Demolition Services Fast Track Class C

9/5/00 B09611002 (RFP) for Training Assessment Review Agency

9/5/00 B09624710 (RFP) for Insurance Brokerage Services - for Special Events

9/5/00 B09624711 (RFP) for Insurance Brokerage Services - Excess Liability *

9/5/00 B09624712 (RFP) for Insurance Brokerage Services - Property & Casualty

9/5/00 C075000006 Two (2) Portable Lighted Runway Closure Marker Units

9/1/00 C070000021a Three (3) One Ton Cab and Chassis

9/1/00 C968000038 Request for Demolition Services Class D

9/1/00 PU81639901 West 74th Street Improvements *

* Target Market Program

Supporting Information Facts