2003 January Bid Tabulations

1/31/03 - Specification: B22007213                    Uniforms and Related Services
1/30/03 - Specification: B24651408RFQ180     AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Maintenance and CPR/AED Training at the Chicago Airport System
1/29/03 - Specification: 2206 RFQ193
                 Front End Loaders with 3 & 4 Cubic Yard Buckets
1/29/03 - Specification: PE20140201RFQ254  Chicago Skyway Toll Bridge System 106th St. Viaduct Eastbound Reconstruction
1/28/03 - Specification: 3268 RFQ261                 North Harlem Ave. Feeder Main Cleaning and Lining-W. Touhy Ave. to W. Hayes Ave.
1/27/03 - Specification: 1859 RFQ181
                 Full Size, Heavy-Duty Cargo Vans with Lev Certified Diesel Engines and Full Size, Heavy-Duty 10 Seat Passenger Vans with Lev Certified Diesel Engines
1/27/03 - Specification: 2541 RFQ207                 Three-Wheeled St. Sweepers-Group A: Rear Steer with Front Dump-Group B: Front Steer with Rear Dump
1/24/03 - Specification: 2201                                "RFP" for Insurance Brokerage Services-City of Chicago Special Events/Cultural Affairs
1/24/03 - Specification: 2585                                "RFP" for Insurance Brokerage Services-Public Official Bond Program
(*Target Market Program)
1/24/03 - Specification: 2587                                ("RFP") for Insurance Brokerage Services-Crime Insurance Program for Public Officials and City Treasurer
(*Target Market Program)
1/24/03 - Specification: B29688804 RFQ195    Tree Stump and Debris Removal Service & Emergency Storm Removal Service
1/23/03 - Specification: 2281 RFQ222                Request for Proposals (RFP)-Digital Automated Red Light Enforcement Program
1/23/03 - Spec: C968990038 RFQ1273             Request for Proposal (RFP) for Professional Services-Category 6: Facilities Bike-to-Transit
1/22/03 - Specification: 1747 RFQ125                Coil Cleaning of HVAC Equipment
(*Target Market Program)
1/22/03 - Specification: 2007 RFQ161                 Police and Fire Marked/Unmarked Vehicles
(*Target Market Program)
1/22/03 - Specification: 715 RFQ67                     Printing of Vehicle License Application Forms
(*Target Market Program)
1/22/03 - Specification: B26706901A RFQ12    Brass and Copper Replacement and Repair Parts
(*Target Market Program)
1/21/03 - Specification: 1296 RFQ112              RFQ for Professional Consulting Services for Surface Transportation.
1/17/03 - Specification: 1199 RFQ128
                11th St. Pedestrian Bridge and Columbus Drive Underpass
1/15/03 - Specification: C925990002.732          Category 8: Construction Engineering for Roadway Projects: Phase III CE Services for Installation of Bike Lanes-Series IV
1/15/03 - Specification: F2998940027                 Used Vehicles and Equipment
1/9/03 - Specification: B36804804RFQ20           Fingerprint Equipment and Supplies
(*Target Market Program)
1/8/03 - Specification B36805201RFQ96            Firearms and Accessories
1/8/03 - Specification: 2347RFQ169                     Sewer Lining Project
1/6/03 - Specification: 3246RFQ256                     Request for Demolition Bids Fast Track Class “D” Demolition Bids
1/6/03 - Specification: F2998940026                    Vehicles and Equipment
1/3/03 - Specification: B19265801                        Pre-Qualification for Professional Lead-Based Paint, Risk Assessment & Clearance Testing Services
1/3/03 - Specification: B19683203
                        Request for Demolition Services Fast Track Class “C” Demolition Bids
1/3/03 - Specification: B26402501                        Corrugated Cartons and Sheets
(*Target Market Program)
1/3/03 - Specification: PW00010201                    Installation of Bike Lane Pavement Markings and Signage-Series IV

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