2005 Non-Competitive Procurements


Dr. Paul Schewe       Request for a consultant.
Heartland Human Care Services, Inc.       Request for travelers and immigrants aid at Chicago's Airport.
Metro Parking Solutions, LLC
       Request for parking meter parts and supplies.
Robert Repel
       Request for consulting services.
TDW Services, Inc.       Request for relocation of a 90" pipe for the water system.


Motorola, Inc.       Request for Motorola radio parts and services.
Northrop Grumman       Request for software maintenance/support.
Remotec, Inc.
       Request for the purchase of a hazardous duty mobile robot.
Swiderski Electronics       Request for purchase/repair of electronic equipment.
The Center for Economic Progress       Request for a tax preparation counseling project.
The Salvation Army       Request for gas bill assistance program.
The Tax Assistance Program       Request for tax preparation services.
Willis of Illinois, Inc.       Request for Owner Controlled Insurance Program Brokerage services


Complus Data Innovations, Inc.       Request for out-of-state information database services for vehicle owner registration.
DMJM Illinois, Inc.       Request for control tower.
Fifth Third Bank       Request for citywide automated on-line bill payment service.
Great Lakes Environmental Planning       Request for consulting services.
NextriOne Solutions, LLC
       Request for maintenance and service for internal secure communication network.
Salesforce, Inc.
       Request to purchase 32 licenses for each of the Service Connector sites


C & S Engineering       Request for O'Hare Land Track Database
Food Service Professionals       Request for Summer Food Service Program
Karl Production       Request for video production services.
Northwestern University       Request for Community Leadership training
Pixxures, Inc.       Request for Aerial Photography
Remotec, Inc.
    Request for the purchase of a hazardous duty mobile robot


Corlands      Request for aerial photography
Environmental Systems Research, Inc.       Request for mapping services
Howard Brown Health Center       Request for Syphilis elimination project
Huron Consulting Services       Request for consulting services
Jeanneret & Associates       Request for modification to add new services and funding
       Request for the creation, construction, and implementation of the City's Fire Radio-Digital project


Air One Equipment       Request for Gas Mask
Deloitte Consulting, LLP       Request for Implementation of the Chicago Health Event Surveillance Systems (CHESS)
E.B. Enterprises       Request for consulting services
I-Go Car Sharing       Request for car sharing pilot program
Karl Productions
       Request for Video production services
Kronos, Inc.
       Request for 830 badge readers

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