2021 Non-Competitive Procurements

NCRB Applications for Three Week Public Review

Note: some pending applications may be listed on the 2020 Non-Competitive Procurements page



January 2021

Infor Public Sector (AIS) - IT Software & Professional Services for Inspection and Permitting System

LCM Architects, LLC (MOPD) – Consulting Services for Title II Transition Plan (Application Withdrawn by MOPD 11/17/2021)

March 2021

Blaida and Associates (Mayor's Office) - Legislative Consulting Services

William Filan (Mayor’s Office) – Legislative Consulting Service

July 2021

Motorola Solutions, Inc. (AIS) – IT Software and Professional Services for 311 System 

September 2021

CSG Forte Payments, Inc. (DOF) – Payment Gateway Services

October 2021

Iron Mountain (AIS) – Record Management Services

November 2021

Granicus, Inc. (OCC) – Legislative Electronic Document Mgt. System

International Code Council, Inc. (DOB) – Chicago Building Codes

December 2021

William Filan (Mayor's Office) - Legislative Consulting Service

Blaida and Associates (Mayor's Office) - Legislative Consulting Services

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