Advisory Opinions - Gifts

§ 2-156-040  §2-156-142



This page has links to the text of all Formal Advisory Opinions issued by the Board of Ethics since 1986.

As required by the Governmental Ethics Ordinance and the Board's Rules and Regulations, all formal and informal Board opinions are confidential.  Thus identifying information regarding the persons or City department(s) involved in the situations described in these formal opinions has been removed.

Board opinions should not be relied upon as a substitute for individual legal advice.  They may be relied upon only by persons involved in the specific transactions or activities with respect to which the opinions are rendered.



86020.A 86022-23.D  86028.A 86031.I  87002.I 87022.D
87038.A  87049.Q  87064.A 87076.A  87078.A 87113.Q
 87118.A 88005.A 88008.D 88010.D   88037.D
88039.A 88046.A 88070.A 88074.A   88081.A
88092.A 88104.Q  88105.A  88159.A   89097.A
89114.A   90022.A 90036.A 90045.Q 90064.A
90074.Q 90089.Q 91046.A      
91062.Q 91069.A 91079.A 91089.A 91092.Q 92019.I
93004.Q 93008.Q 93015.A 94015.Q 94018.Q 94030.Q
95009.Q 95012.Q        
  95015.Q 95018.Q 95021.Q 95031.Q 96005.Q
96023.Q 97028.Q  97013.Q 97060.Q  98034.Q  98036.Q
98048.Q  98068.Q 00022.Q  01032.Q  01050.Q  01052.Q
 01054.Q   03009.Q 07037.Q  05073.Q  09011.A
10004.A  10021.A  10038.Q 10042.CNS  10046.CNS  10060.CNS
10063.CNS  11004.A  12001.Cns   12067.1 & 2.A
3 parts
 13048.Q  141271.Q
 151688.Q  16032.A  17003.A  17004.A  17014.A  18040.A
20020.A 202012.Q 21025.A  21026.Q    


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