If Your Loved One is Detained - Frequently Asked Questions

I want to know if someone is detained by ICE:

If you believe someone is detained by ICE you can search for them in the ICE locator to determine if and where they are being detained. You will need the individual’s A Number or their date of birth and place of birth. To locate an individual detained by ICE, visit the ICE locator online.

I want to know if I have an immigration court date coming up:

If you or someone you know are in immigration proceedings and you are not sure of the next court date, call USCIS’ hotline to obtain information on the case. The number is 1.800.898.7180. You will need the individual’s A Number.

I need to find an immigration attorney:

To obtain information through Chicago’s Legal Protection Fund, a program sponsored by the city that helps provide free legal immigration services, call 312.660.1370 or visit this website for a free legal consultation.

Can my home country help me if I am detained by ICE?

If you are detained by ICE, you should consider contacting your local consulate to inform them of the detention and to learn what support they have to offer.

My loved one is detained and am I struggling:

If someone in your family was detained by ICE and you now need help finding food pantries or other support services, please visit these websites:

  • For Food Pantry location visit Chicago Food Bank’s directory
  • For mental health resources available focusing on trauma and the immigrant experience visit this directory.
  • To learn about advocacy and deportation campaign support visit this page.
  • To learn about the city’s Emergency Rental Assistance visit our website.

I am worried about what will happen to my family if I am detained, what can I do to prepare?

Consider attending a Know Your Rights event with one of our Legal Protection Fund partners to learn about your options if you are stopped by ICE.

Attend a workshop hosted by Chicago Volunteer Legal Services to learn what documents and information you need to gather in case you are detained by ICE

I am a business owner and am not sure what I can do if ICE comes to my business?
As a business owner you have rights! Read about them in this toolkit created by the National Employment Law Project and the National Immigration Law Center. 

Know Your Rights Flyer

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