Accessibility Compliance

Measurement taken of booth knee space

The Accessibility Compliance Unit (ACU) works to ensure that the City of Chicago is accessible to people with all types of disabilities.


  • Advises city departments and sister agencies to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local disability rights laws and regulations
  • Examines and permits plans for compliance with the accessibility provisions of the Chicago Building Code and Illinois Accessibility Code
  • Provides pre-permit plan review guidance for architects and developers for a nominal fee. For more information or to schedule a pre-permit plan review, click here.
  • Provides technical assistance to individuals and businesses regarding federal state and local disability rights and accessibility requirements. To obtain technical assistance please email us at: or call us at: 312.744.7209 or 312.744.4441, or TTY 312.744.4964.
Accessibility Compliance - Site Inspections
A site inspection can be requested when questions arise regarding accessibility compliance in buildings that are completed or under construction.
Accessibility Compliance Advice/Technical Assistance
Find answers to your questions about the rights and responsibilities of business owners, employees and consumers under federal, state and local laws.
Appointment to Meet with MOPD Preliminary Plan Review
The Pre-Permit Plan Review Process assists architects, builders and developers in the early stages of plan development with accessibility compliance.
Building Permit Review for Accessibility
MOPD offers a review of building plans to ensure accessibility compliance as part of permit approval process.
The Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities Accessibility Compliance Unit has made the following determinations of equivalent facilitation of upper kitchen cabinetry.