Link Your Cameras into OEMC (Private Sector Camera Initiative)

The Private Sector Camera Initiative links Chicago based organizations, companies and sister agencies’ cameras systems into the Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) state-of-the-art unified video surveillance network.

These cameras provide Emergency Management officials and Homeland Security Directors additional points of contact throughout the City that can be accessed during an emergency.


From installation and configuration to testing and naming, OEMC takes interested participants through the entire process.

OEMC starts by conducting a site surveys for organizations to determine their compatible equipment options.
While virtually any broadband-type Internet connection is supported, the minimum uplink speed recommended is 128 Mbps.

A public IP address directly accessible by OEMC over the Internet is also required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What cameras does OEMC want to access?
OEMC is only interested in obtaining access to exterior cameras on the public way.

How often will the camera feeds be accessed?
Camera feeds will only be accessed during emergency situations and after appropriate notification has been given.

Who will have access to the camera feeds?
Highly trained Crime Surveillance Specialists will have access to the cameras, but again, only during emergency situations.

Will OEMC be recording footage from the cameras?
OEMC will NOT be recording camera feeds.

How long does it take to install and configure the equipment?
Once all the necessary equipment is purchased, the process takes approximately one day per building.


Current city partners include the Police, Fire, Aviation, Streets and Sanitation and Transportation.

City Agencies include the Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Housing Authority, Chicago Transit Authority, Parks, Millennium Park and Solider Field.

For more information on private sector cameras, please contact OEMC at 312.746.9111

Click here to download Private Sector Camera Initiative brochure.

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