Enforcement-Related Follow-up Inspections

Administrative Hearings Cases

If your case is before the Department of Administrative Hearings (400 W. Superior St.):

A follow-up inspection appointment was scheduled at your last hearing, so please review the documentation that was given to you at the hearing. Normally a reinspection appointment is scheduled one week prior to the next hearing date. If your case involves a repair or replacement of a porch, please notify your contractor of the scheduled reinspection date. Your contractor should be at the scheduled reinspection with the approved set of plans and permit.

Circuit Court (Housing Court) Cases

If your case is before the Circuit Court of Cook County (Daley Center, 50 W. Washington St.):

If the judge ordered you to schedule and be present for an inspection before the next court date, you must make an appointment with the court inspector assigned to your case at least one week before the court date. If the judge ordered an inspection for a specific day or time, you must comply with the judge's order. Please review the paperwork you received at your last court date to determine if you are required to schedule an inspection and the method required to schedule with the inspector(s) assigned to your case.