Self-Certification Permit Program

The Self-Certification Permit Program, commonly referred to as "Self-Cert", simplifies the building permit process for eligible residential, business and mercantile and small assembly projects where the Architect of Record takes full responsibility for code compliance.  The DOB plan reviews are eliminated by allowing the Professional of Record to certify that the permit drawings comply with the Chicago Building Code.  The Professional of Record must have prepared and sealed the permit drawings, completed DOB’s Self-Certification Training Class, and hold an active Self-Certification registration.

After zoning is approved, self-certified building permits are typically issued within 10 business days if all licenses are valid and there are no building violations or stop work orders on the property.

The Department offers training for new and renewing self-certification professionals every other year. The next self-certification training program will occur in 2021.

List of Self-Cert Architects (updated July 31, 2020)