Water Service Permits

The Department of Buildings' Water Plan Desk issues permits related to the connection, disconnection (cut and seal), and alteration/repair of water services to licensed plumbing contractors on behalf of the Department of Water Management (DWM). The Water Plan Desk also processes applications for the initial testing of cross connection control devices and manages payments for contractor hydrant use permits (HUPs) after HUP applications are reviewed and approved by DWM.

General Permits

Plumbing contractors and engineers may contact the Department of Buildings Water Plan Desk about water service disconnections, alterations/repairs, and new services.

Any deviation from typical installation must be reviewed and approved by DWM's Bureau of Engineering. Water Plan Desk staff will notify applicants if this requirement applies to a permit application or project.

Disconnection (cut and seal) applications should not be submitted to the Water Plan Desk until a demolition permit application number has been assigned.

Owner-initiated Lead Service Line Replacement

Plumbing contractors working with an owner to voluntarily replace an existing lead service line serving an existing building may apply online and are entitled to a waiver of permit fees up to $3,100.

The Owner-initiated Lead Service Line Replacement fee waiver is available for standalone lead service line replacement or lead service line replacement in connection with rehabilitation of an existing building (alteration or addition). The fee waiver covers same-size replacement and ordinary time inspections; the owner must pay the difference for an upsized service or overtime inspections. Fee waivers are not available for new construction.

Hydrant Use Permits (HUPs)

Applications for permits to take water from a fire hydrant (Hydrant Use Permits or HUPs) are submitted online and processed by DWM.

The Department of Buildings accepts payment for contractor hydrant use permits (HUPs) after the HUP application is reviewed and approved by DWM. Please do not contact the Department of Buildings about HUP applications before receiving an approval email from DWM.

Cross Connection Control Devices (CCCDs)

Applications for the initial testing of cross connection control devices (CCCDs) must be submitted to the Water Plan Desk. All subsequent inspections are reported to DWM through the Cross Connection Control Device Inspection web site.

Water Service Inspections

All water service work is inspected by DWM.


All payments in connection with water service permits must be paid in person at a Department of Finance Payment Center. The Water Plan Desk will provide you with an invoice by email when payment is due. A paper copy of the invoice, along with payment, must be presented to a cashier at a Department of Finance Payment Center. Proof of payment must be sent to the water plan desk by email.

Current Payment Center hours and locations are available at: http://www.chicago.gov/finance


Contact Information

DOB Water Plan Desk
312-744-7060 or bpermits@cityofchicago.org

DWM Bureau of Engineering

DWM Hydrant Use Permits

DWM Cross Connection Control Device Reporting

DWM Water Service Inspections


Helpful Documents

DWM’s Standard Details for Water Main Installations (April 2009) provides typical details for water services, meter vaults, and water/sewer separation.

Water permits are subject to the price schedule issued annually by DWM.