Boiler Inspections

Bureau phone: 312.743.7284 

The Boiler Inspection Bureau makes periodic inspections of boilers and unfired pressure vessels at all apartment buildings where the boiler heats four or more apartments, commercial buildings, schools, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.

Types of inspections performed by the boiler inspection bureau are as follows:

Internal Inspection: Performed on high pressure boilers or low pressure boilers used for processing. This inspection enables the inspector to see the condition the unit is in internally, checking for tube leakage, pitting of the tubes, etc. Whenever necessary, internal inspection will be performed on a pressure vessel. External Inspection: Performed on all boilers and unfired pressure vessels. This inspection, in part, consists of checking safety valves, return lines, breeching, etc. while unit is in operation. Occupancy Inspection: Performed on boilers and pressure vessels installed in a new or existing buildings to ascertain units have been properly installed and all required permits have been obtained. First Inspections: First inspections derive from permits taken out for newly installed boilers and pressure vessels at the Environmental Desk. A copy of the permit is send to the boiler inspection bureau. Hydrostatic Test: Performed on new or used boilers newly installed to check condition of unit, or when extensive repairs have been made on an existing boiler


Boiler Inspection Questions and Answers

Q: Why does our boiler need to be inspected by the city?

A: The Municipal Code requires that all boilers and pressure vessels are inspected by city inspectors periodically to ensure they are in safe operating condition. We encourage you to have your boiler inspected and serviced regularly by a qualified company.

Q: Why do boiler inspectors also inspect pressure vessels?

A: Boilers and pressure vessels are constructed similarly. Essentially, a boiler is a pressure vessel.

Q: Can you inspect my new boiler?

A: Yes. Please contact us to schedule this inspection.

Q: Who can repair my boiler?

A: Any Boiler Repairer who is licensed by the City of Chicago.

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