Certified Plan Corrections


To allow for a shorter, simpler and more efficient permit application review process, all building permit applications submitted through the Standard Plan Review process must use the Certified Plan Corrections program to address most types of plan review corrections issued by the Department of Buildings after a full review.

The Certified Plan Corrections program does not apply if the plan reviewer's comments indicate that the plans are incomplete and a full plan review could not be performed (for example, plans are missing ventilation calculations, plumbing fixture placements, or an egress plan). In this case, the drawings must be revised and reviewed a second time by that discipline.

The Certified Plan Corrections program also cannot be used to address zoning corrections, geotechnical corrections, or corrections related to the Stormwater Management Ordinance.


After the permit application and accompanying plans have been reviewed by each discipline, the architect or expediter who submitted the permit application will be notified of any comments or corrections issued by the plan reviewers and allowed to upload revised drawings and documents to address the required corrections. As long as a plan reviewer's comments and corrections do not specifically prohibit use of the Certified Plan Correction program, the project team must use the Certified Plan Corrections program to address the plan reviewers' corrections.

If the project team does not understand or disagrees with a comment or correction issued by a plan reviewer, the architect or engineer should contact the plan reviewer for clarification. If the issue cannot be resolved by working with the plan reviewer directly, the architect or engineer should contact Deputy Commissioner Hal Hutchinson at Hal.Hutchinson@cityofchicago.org. (Please make sure to include the 9-digit application number and project address in the subject line of the email.) 

If the project team decides to make changes to the design beyond changes required to respond to corrections issued by plan examiners, or must reconfigure the building to address zoning corrections, the architect or expediter who submitted the application must notify the project manager of the additional changes. All changes must be bubbled, dated, and initialed by the design professional of record. In that case, the project manager may determine that the revised plans are subject to a second round of plan review by some or all disciplines.

If, however, the project team agrees with and accepts all of the comments and corrections issued by the plan reviewers and does not wish to make further changes, the design professionals of record may assume responsibility for compliance with the plan review corrections without additional plan review. The design professionals must make changes to the drawings to address each of the plan review corrections (with each change bubbled, dated, and initialed by the professional of record). The design professionals must also prepare an additional drawing sheet which lists each correction, summarizes the changes which were made to address the correction, and list the sheet or sheets where the changes were made. This sheet must include a completed copy of the Professional Certification of Corrections (Form 420), available on the permit application forms page. Form 420 must be signed and sealed by each professional of record assuming responsibility for certifying the code compliance of the corrections.

Sample of a Certified Correction Sheet

Certified Plan Corrections summary sheets must be uploaded to the "Certified Plan Correction" folder in ProjectDox. The summary sheet will be stamped and is part of the approved permit drawing set. A copy must be on site whenever work is being performed pursuant to the permit. (Failure to have a complete set of approved drawings on site may result in a failed inspection or stop work order.)

Where the Certified Plan Corrections program is used, the permit that is issued will be a conditional permit, subject to field inspection. 

Please Respond to Corrections Promptly 

Please note that if you do not respond to corrections or complete tasks within 120 days, your permit application will be considered withdrawn and archived or removed from the system. The Department cannot reinstate applications which are withdrawn, and you will be required to start a new permit application.

Correction Mediation Meetings

Where a permit application is subject to more than three plan review cycles, the design professional of record must participate in a real-time correction mediation meeting with plan examiners and/or DOB supervisors. If this applies to your permit application, your Project Manager will provide instructions on how to schedule the mediation meeting.

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