Energy Conservation Requirements

The Chicago Building Code’s energy conservation requirements are found in Chapter 18-13. (These requirements are sometimes referred to as the Chicago Energy Conservation Code.) These requirements are based on the 2015 edition of the International Energy Conservation Code, published by International Code Council, Inc.

Required Energy Conservation Compliance Statement

NOTE: The Registered Energy Professional (REP) program has been discontinued and REP-status is no longer required to complete an energy conservation compliance statement.

Beginning in June 2018, for every permit application with architectural plans, an Illinois-licensed architect or engineer who is familiar with the project and the Chicago Building Code’s energy conservation requirements must complete a one-page compliance statement, using the forms available on this page. (The earlier style of REP-signed statement, which was previously required on permit drawings, will also be accepted through July 31, 2018.)

Compliance Statement Forms

Residential Compliance Statement (residential buildings up to 4 stories)

Commercial Compliance Statement (all other buildings)


The signed and sealed compliance statement must be uploaded with supporting documents to the E-Plan system as part of the permit application process.

For applications started after May 8, 2018, please upload the completed Compliance Statement(s) and supporting documents to the following folder in E-Plan:

Document Submittals > Energy Conservation Compliance

For older applications, this folder will not be available. If so, please upload to the   Document Submittals > Permit Application   Folder in E-Plan.

Plan Review  

As part of the application screening process, the project manager or project administrator will confirm that the required compliance statement and supporting documents have been uploaded to E-Plan. For projects which are subject to plan review, reviews may also spot-check for compliance with substantive energy conservation requirements and requirements to include certain information on the plans.

Department Inspections

During inspections, Department of Buildings inspectors will spot-check that construction is being completed in accordance with the approved permit plans, which is why it is important that information required by sections C103 and R103 is shown on the plans. If this information is missing, it may require additional inspections or delay approval of the work.

Commissioning and Post-Construction Testing Obligations

For several types of work and methods of compliance, the energy conservation requirements include commissioning and post-construction testing to verify building performance. It is the responsibility of the licensed design professional who completes the compliance statement to inform the permit applicant/building owner in writing of all commissioning and post-construction testing requirements which apply to the permitted work. Written reports of testing do not need to be filed with the Department unless specifically requested.

Free Technical Assistance for Design Professionals

Free technical assistance and training on energy conservation code compliance is available from the University of Illinois’s Smart Energy Design Assistance Center: These services are funded in whole or in part by the Illinois EPA Office of Energy.



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