Iron Inspections


Inspections are made for the purpose of enforcing the Municipal Code relative to the Architectural and Structural Iron Construction. The inspections are made in the course of construction to check the setting of all structural steel from plans approved by the Department of Buildings to make certain there has been no deviation from the approved plans. Also inspect all welding of structural elements and make certain all welders are certified by a recognized laboratory.

The bureau is responsible for inspections all temporary material and personnel hoisting towers, scaffolds, cranes, temporary sidewalk canopies.

Inspections are assigned on the basis of permits, complaints, annual inspections canopies and revolving doors, exposed metal and referrals. Check for any dangerous steel or material and structures such as steel stacks, roof tanks, roof signs, projecting signs, signboards, fire escapes, canopies, revolving doors, t.v. antennas, cooling towers, flagpoles and metal cornices.

Buildings are inspected in the course of construction and also when completed.

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