New Construction Inspections

The New Construction Bureau, based at 2045 W. Washington Blvd., inspects all building permits, construction-related complaints, and certificates of occupancy. Permit related inspections must be requested online.

Complaint-based inspections are generated by the public, by dialing 311, the non-emergency number for city services or filing an online complaint.

Stop Work Orders

Stop work orders are issued to stop any construction that is done with out a required permit, contrary to an approved permit, or by unlicensed persons.

Time Limits


Building permits are subject to the following limitations:

  • Work must begin within 6 months of the date the permit is paid for. If it does not, the permit is suspended.
  • After work begins, work cannot stop for a cumulative period of more than 12 months. If it does, the permit is suspended.
    For example, if work starts, stops for 7 months, resumes, and stops again for 4 months (13 months total), the permit is suspended.
  • If a permit is suspended, it may be reinstated or extended for 6 months by paying a fee equal to 25% of the original permit fee. Up to two extensions are allowed.
  • The maximum extension for any permit is 12 months. If permitted work does not start within 18 months, or stops for a cumulative period of more than 24 months, the permit is void and a new permit must be obtained before work can resume.

For more information on permit limitations, see Section 14A-4-413 of the Chicago Construction Codes Administrative Provisions.

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