Forms For Discrimination Cases & FOIA Request

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COMPLAINT FILING under Chicago’s discrimination ordinances

Drafting and Filing Discrimination Complaints on Your Own
Complaint Form
Background Form
Amended Complaint Form
Information for Complainants
Reply of Complainant Form
Supporting Documentation Cover Sheet
Withdrawal of Case Form
Withdrawal of Claim Form
Withdrawal of One of More Respondent Form


Information for Respondents
Response to Complaint
Supporting Documentation Cover Sheet


GENERAL FORMS AND INFORMATION used at many stages of a case

Notice of Filing & Certificate of Service
Motion for Extension of Time
Motion for Continuance or Extension of Time
Attorney Appearance
Legal Assistance Information - English & Spanish
Request for Review
File Access Request—for parties
Motion for Waiver of Fees
Researching Commission Law
Subject Matter Index Information
Subject Matter Index Order Form
Standing Order, Staff Decision-Making


HEARING FORMS used in cases that have advanced to the hearing stage

Standing Order, Administrative Hearing Procedures
Pre-Hearing Memorandum


SETTLEMENT of a discrimination case

Settlement Agreement
Withdrawal Pursuant to Private Settlement
Settlement & Mediation


OTHER DISCRIMINATION LAWS and enforcement agencies

Chicago Board of Education Cases—Guidelines for Intergovernmental Agreement
Chicago Board of Education Cases—Intergovernmental Agreement with IDHR
Chicago Board of Education Cases—Summary of Intergovernmental Agreement
Cook County Commission on Human Rights—Intergovernmental Agreement
Cook County Commission on Human Rights—Explanation of Relationship
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission—Guidelines for Agreement
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission—Intergovernmental Agreement
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission—Summary of Agreement
US Dept. of Justice—Referral Agreement for National Origin Discrimination Cases


File a FOIA Request 

 FOIA Requests


Supporting Information Facts

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