CDOT Plan Review

The Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) is responsible for reviewing development proposals that impact the public right-of-way. Prior to approval, applicants must receive approval from the CDOT Plan Review Committee (PRC) for a variety of processes including but not limited to:

  • Planned Development
  • Lakefront Protection Ordinance
  • Air Quality Ordinance (Click Here for current Air Quality Projects)
  • Connected Communities Ordinance: Travel Demand Management
  • Zoning Board of Appeals
  • Zoning - Special Use and Administrative Adjustments
  • Over-sized driveways (any curb cut with a driveway greater than 25’ at the property line)
  • Public way infrastructure changes by private parties

E-mail with any questions.

Click here for full Plan Review Requirements sheet (PDF).

Click here for all Public Way Construction Standards required for all work in the Public Way. Click here for Maps and Plats, including subdivisions, vacations, dedications, and house number certificates.

Travel Demand Management (TDM) Projects

Pursuant to sections 17-3-0308 and 17-4-0301 of the zoning code of the city of Chicago, AKA, the Connected Communities, developments in underlying B, C, or D zoning districts within ½ mile of Metra and CTA stations require compliance with Travel Deland Study and Management Plan Rules. These rules are currently in development and implemented as a pilot under the following guidelines:


 Travel Demand Management

Approved Projects

Project Name Location Type CDOT Approved TDM Documents Date Approved 
Hotel  1016-1020 W Lake St. Planned Development TDM Memo 1/17/2024
Retail 1950 E. 71st St. By Right Development TDM Memo 3/7/2024
Residential 1040 W. Huron St.
Planned Development Amendment
TDM Memo 3/26/2024
Mixed-Use 1630 S. Wabash Ave. By Right Development TDM Memo 3/28/2024
Residential 400 N. Elizabeth St. Planned Development TDM Study 5/10/2024
Residential 345 N. Aberdeen St. Planned Development TDM Study 6/18/2024