May 8, 2020 Plan Commission Hearing

NOTE: The May 8, 2020 virtual meeting of the Chicago Plan Commission included proposed applications and/or amendments that were postponed from previously scheduled hearings on March 19, 2020, April 16, 2020, April 23, 2020 and April 30, 2020.

Due to the ongoing public health crisis, this meeting was held virtually starting at 10 a.m. on Friday, May 8. A video of the proceedings is now available for review.


Address (Community Area, Ward) Agenda Description Materials Draft Presentation
   Area bounded by King and South Chicago on the west, 60th on the north, Stony Island on the east, and 67th and Cottage Grove on the South
(Woodlawn, 5th and 20th Wards)
A resolution recommending the approval of the Woodlawn Plan Consolidation Report. The Report reviews past plans that were developed for Woodlawn, identifies where they align, and outlines recommendations that the City of Chicago can implement to achieve neighborhood goals, including, through the disposition of City-owned vacant land.

"Woodlawn Plan Consolidation Report"

4100-4230 W. Ann Lurie Place / 4044-4210 S. Karlov Ave.
(Archer Heights, 14th Ward)
The applicant is proposing to rezone the subject property from M2-3 (Light Industry District) to Industrial-Institutional Planned Development. The applicant proposes a 64,300 sq. ft. addition to an existing 275,000 sq. ft. food warehouse and packaging facility, to add a meal preparation facility and ancillary improvements housing accessory office, food and beverage service, medical service, educational, community volunteer and outreach uses, and related accessory and incidental uses. PD Amendment Application Presentation

3246-3360 N. Campbell Ave./2500-2546 W. Melrose St./ 3237-3429 N. Rockwell St.
(North Center, 47th Ward)

Applicant is proposing to consolidate Subareas A and B and to incorporate new property into the boundaries of Institutional Planned Development #1184. The site to be incorporated into Planned Development #1184 is proposed to be rezoned from RS-2 (Residential Single-Unit Detached House District) to C1-1 (Neighborhood Commercial District) and then to Institutional Planned Development #1184, as amended, to allow for the phased development of new campus facilities.

PD Amendment Application
PD Amendment Plans


 2503-67 W. Lake St. / 2522-68 W. Maypole Ave.
(Near West Side, 27th Ward)

 A resolution recommending a proposed ordinance authorizing a negotiated sale of land. Negotiated Sale Resolution Presentation

113 E. Oak St.
(Near North Side, 42nd Ward)

 Applicant is proposing to construct a new two-story commercial building generally located at 113 E. Oak Street and within the Private-Use Zone of the Lake Michigan and Chicago Lakefront Protection District.

LPO Application Pt. 1

LPO Application Pt. 2

421-451 N. Michigan Ave.
(Near North Side, 42nd Ward)
Applicant is proposing to rezone the subject property from DX-12 (Downtown Mixed-Use) and DX-16 (Downtown Mixed-Use) to a unified DX-12 (Downtown Mixed-Use) and then to a Residential Business Planned Development. The applicant is renovating the existing building on the western portion of the site and intends to develop the eastern portion of the site with a mixed-use building 1,442 ft. in height, containing 564 dwelling units as well as 200 hotel rooms. The overall planned development will contain 726 dwelling units, 687 accessory vehicular parking stalls and 14 loading berths.

Zoning Consolidation/PD Application

Public Comment

320 S. Canal St.
(Near West Side, 42nd Ward)
 Applicant is proposing an amendment to Business Planned Development 376, submitted by South Canal Titleholder, LLC, for the property generally located at 320 South Canal Street (Subarea C). The applicant proposes to increase the allowable height from 715 ft. to 730 ft., incorporate vacated right-of-way into the net site area, and purchase 46,143 square feet of floor area through the Neighborhood Opportunity Fund Bonus to construct a commercial building with the total Floor Area Ratio of 17.11 and 400 accessory vehicular parking spaces in Subarea C. PD Amendment Application Presentation


Chicago Plan Commission
May 8, 2020
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