Chicago River Corridor Design Guidelines and Standards

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The Chicago River Corridor Design Guidelines and Standards outline the requirements for development in and adjacent to the setback area along the Chicago River and its branches within the city limits.

Setbacks are an important planning and zoning tool. They provide space for the development of a greenway corridor, multi-use trails, and riverwalk amenities.

Appropriately developed, the river corridor will provide additional open space and recreational opportunities, increase property values, economic vitality, increase environmental awareness, and enhance Chicago’s attractiveness as a tourist destination. The Design Guidelines and Standards address development options along the river, including but not restricted to architectural treatments, building construction, parking, fencing, lighting, landscaping, and riverbank treatments. Specific information relating to appropriate riverbank treatments, permit requirements, site furnishings, elements, construction materials and specifications may be found in the appendices.

Chicago River Corridor Design Guidelines and Standards

Appendix: Development Areas, Furnishings, Signs

Appendix: Harbor Permits

Appendix: River Edge Treatment I

Appendix: River Edge Treatment II

Appendix: Retaining Wall Treatment, Stormwater Management

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