Calumet River TIF

Designation: 2010    Terminated: 2016

The Calumet TIF district is designed to foster the redevelopment on 535 acres of property on both sides of the Calumet River on Chicago's Far South Side. East of the river, the district is intended to strengthen marina operations that involve new and improved boat storage, repair, and retail facilities. On the west, the district is primarily intended to foster continued industrial uses. Priorities include the rehabilitation of existing industrial buildings and new construction. The development of new public open spaces, where appropriate, is also envisioned in the plan.


Redevelopment Plan
Designation Ordinance
Annual Report (PDF)


Calumet River TIF district, roughly bounded on the north by 130th Street, 138th Street on the south, Torrence Avenue on the east, and Doty Avenue on the west.


No projects to report at this time.

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