Portage Park TIF

Designation: 1998    Expiration: 2022

The 190-acre Portage Park TIF district was created to reinforce the viability of the Portage Park business district. Characterized by older retail properties, industrial facilities, institutional uses and, to a lesser degree, residential uses, the TIF is intended to promote private investment through a variety of public financing initiatives. Funds are targeted for off-street parking improvements, building rehabilitation projects, land assembly and public works initiatives, and a wide range of aesthetic enhancements that promote pedestrian activity along major arterial streets. Funds are also intended to facilitate the orderly transition of obsolete industrial and commercial properties for new residential uses. Job training is also supported by the TIF.


Redevelopment Plan (PDF)
Redevelopment Plan Amd #1 (PDF)
Designation Ordinance (PDF)
Annual Report (PDF)
Projection Report (Data Portal)



Portage Park TIF district, roughly bounded on the north by Montrose Avenue, Belmont Avenue on the south, Tripp and Milwaukee avenues on the east, and Long Avenue on the west.



Kilbourn Park

Kilbourn Park GreenHouse


4901 W. Irving Park


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