2002 November Bid Tabulations

11/29/02 B36806702 Police Training Aid Devices

11/26/02 B25705401 Refractory Panels and Doors *

11/26/02 PH10970201 O’Hare International Airport Terminals 1, 2 and 3 “FACE” Facade and Circulation Enhancements-Bid Package #1

11/26/02 PH60710201 Chicago O’Hare International Airport-Sewer Lift Station Replacement *

11/25/02 B22852606 Galvanized Rigid Zinc Coated Steel and PVC Conduit & Related Items *

11/25/02 B34003503 Bridge Counter Weight Block Gray Iron Castings

11/25/02 F2998940022 Used Vehicles and Equipment

11/22/02 C968990037 (Adams) (RFP) for Professional Services-Project 1: Adams St. Viaduct over Union Station-Category 3: Advance Typical Highway Bridge(s)

11/22/02 1259 Request for Demolition Bids Fast Track Class “D” Demolition Bids

11/22/02 BC968990037(Division) (RFP) for Professional Services-Project 1: /Division St. Bridge(s) over the Chicago River and North Branch Canal-Project 2: Taylor St. Movable Bridge over Chicago River

11/21/02 B36809502 Gunsmith Tools *

11/19/02 PB02090201 Western Avenue Signal Interconnect-Congress Parkway to Diversey Avenue

11/18/02 B20551301 Infant Car Seats *

11/18/02 B21501204 Masonry Materials and Related Supplies

11/15/02 B39646004 (RFQ) Professional Services for Topographic Survey and Base DrawingDevelopment-Water Main Replacement

11/14/02 F2998940021 54 Scrap Vehicles

11/8/02 B29610601 Request for Proposals (“RFP”) Check Authorization Services

11/8/02 D3990250179 Request for Proposals for Community Policing Enhancement Grants

11/8/02 PG12000201 East Oak St./E. Walton St./E. Delaware Pl. Sewers

11/8/02 PG59310202 Sewer Improvement Program-Sewer In Tunnel/Tumbling Basin W. 89th St. and S. Laflin St. 11/7/02 B29184102 (RFP) Natural Gas Management Services

11/7/02 B29184211 Qualifications (RFQ) for Professional Engineering Task Order Services for Civil, Structural, and Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection

11/6/02 PG11970201 Wells St. Sewer-N. Wells St.-W. Wacker to W. Madison-S. Wells St.-W. Madison to W. Monroe-S. Wells St.-W. Harrison to 411 S. Wells

11/6/02 F2998680006 Approximately 10,000 Pounds of Aluminum Signs

11/6/02 B29184210 (RFQ) for TARGET MARKET Professional Engineering Task Order Services for Civil, Structural, and Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection *

11/5/02 B29060714 (RFQ) for Professional Services for Architectural Task Order Services for Chicago’s Airport System

11/5/02 B29611720 (RFQ) for TARGET MARKET Professional Services for Architectural TaskOrder Services for Chicago’s Airport System *

11/4/02 C755020001 One (1) Asphalt Reheating System for Roadway Texturizing Operations

11/4/02 F2998940020 Used Vehicles and Equipment

11/1/02 B19629501A Record Storage and Record Management *

* Target Market Program

Supporting Information Facts