2017 Non-Competitive Procurements

NCRB Applications for Three Week Public Review

Note: some pending applications may be listed on the 2016 Non-Competitive Procurements page.



Approved Authorizations

January 2017

Smoracy, LLC (DSS) - Horizontal Feed Log Grinder

February 2017

University of Chicago Crime Lab (CPD) - Chicago Crime Fighting Initiative

April 2017

Integrated Solutions Consulting (CDPH) - Preparedness and Planning Knowledge

Tech Logic (CPL) - Service of Automated Material Handling System

May 2017

Mineola Specialty Services (DWM) - Equipment and Supplies for the Hydrant Handler

Motorola Solutions, Inc. (DoIT) - IT Software & Professional Services for 311 System

June 2017

Nulinx International, Inc. (DFSS, DoIT, and MO) - Subscription Services for COPA

Taser International (CPD) - Law Enforcement Equipement

Israeli Airport Authority (CDA) - Airport Security Assessment

July 2017

Forte Payment Systems, Inc. (OBM) - Check Processing Services

Ideas42 (OBM) - City of Chicago's Behavioral

NEC Corporation of America (CPD) - Automated Fingerprint Identification System Maintenance

October 2017

Melissa Green (MO) - Federal Advocacy Consulting Services

November 2017

Harris Miller Miller & Hanson Inc. (CDA) – Environmental Review Support for O’Hare Impact Statement

December 2017

SDI Presence, LLC (DoIT) - Water Management Customer Service, Billing and Maintenance

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