The Chicago Lives Healthy Wellness Program

The Chicago Lives Healthy Wellness Program can help improve health, manage health conditions and make choices that support total wellness. It has two parts: The Well On Target program offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois and the Health Improvement Programs (HIP) offered by Telligen.


Well OnTarget® (

Well onTarget® includes a Health Assessment, self-management programs, tracking tools, interactive health calculators, and a variety of trusted health resources and information. Participation in Well onTarget® is completely optional and will not impact the employee health plan contribution.

Well onTarget® is available at Please call 1.877.806.9380 between 7:00 am - 9:00 pm CT with questions.


Health Improvement Programs (HIP) 

Members are identified for HIP based on a variety of factors including biometric screening results (if available) and for Blue Choice Options (PPO) participants, pharmacy and medical claim data.

Notice is sent to those members who have been assigned to participate in a Health Improvement Program (HIP).The participation requirements will differ by program but will generally include an enrollment session and then telephonic coaching sessions during the quarter. Members will meet ongoing HIP participation criteria by engaging with the health professionals who provide coaching services through the programs. Participation in a HIP does not require the member meet any physical performance goals such as a reduction in blood pressure, weight or cholesterol readings.

This is a voluntary wellness program; participation is optional. However, if the HIP participation requirements are not met, there will be a $50 per non-participant per month increase in the employee’s required health plan contribution. For example, if both the covered spouse and the employee are assigned to a HIP program and elect to not participate, the employee will pay $100 more per month for health plan coverage.

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