Payment Plans for Booted Vehicles

To request a 24-hour tow extension call 312-744-PARK


Avoid the line, pay online and save up to 22% in collection costs


1. Initiate online payment plan

2. Make down payment online*

3. Boot released within 1 business day

* Online option available only for motorists without tow/storage fees. Tow and storage fees must still be paid in-person at one of the City’s payment centers.

Non-Hardship Minimum Down Payment

50% of ticket balance 

fees (e.g. boot, tow, storage)

Hardship Minimum Down Payment**

First Time Boot


fees (e.g. boot, tow, storage)

Second Time Boot


fees (e.g. boot, tow, storage)

Third Time Boot

25% of ticket balance


 fees (e.g. boot, tow, storage)

** Number of times booted since October 2019. All boots prior to October 2019 are excluded as part of New Start Chicago.

Online Payment Plan Terms

$10 minimum monthly payment  |  Up to 24-month term or up to 60-month with hardship


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