Utility Billing & Customer Service

The Department of Finance is responsible for collecting utility service payments and providing billing-related customer service.  City of Chicago utility bill now include the following service charges and taxes, where applicable: water service charges, sewer service charges, water-sewer tax charges, and garbage service charges.

Please take the time to read both the front and back of your bill.  If you have additional questions, please see the below links for further detail.

Understanding Your Utility Bill

Paying Your Utility Bill

Information on Utility Billing Payment Plans

Current Water Rates and Sewer Rates

Information on Water-Sewer Tax

Information on Garbage Fee

General Billing Questions


If you still have questions, please contact the Department of Finance, Utility Billing & Customer Service at 312.744.4426 or send an email to utilitybill@cityofchicago.org


Apply for Utility Charge Exemptions
Utility Billing and Customer Service administers water and sewer fee exemption programs.
Pay Utility Bill
You can pay online, by phone, by mail, or in-person at neighborhood payment centers or automated EZ Pay stations.
Utility Bill Payment Plan
Utility Billing & Customer Service has several payment plan options to residents.
Utility Billing Relief Program
Starting in 2020, the Utility Billing Relief program will help low-income residents and families to make ends meet.



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