Tax Collection and Enforcement

Department of Finance

Tax Division

2 N. La Salle Street, Suite 1310

Chicago, IL 60602


The Department of Finance’s mission is administer the City of Chicago’s tax law uniformly and fairly. Critical to this mission, and the reporting and the collection process, are our efforts to help taxpayers understand and comply with such taxes.

Apply for Voluntary Disclosure of Business Taxes

Apply for Voluntary Disclosure of Business Taxes

Bulk Sales Notice

Filing a Bulk Sales Notice

Business Taxes

Pay and file your City of Chicago business taxes

Financial Hardship

This Financial Hardship Application (“Application”) is a request for an agreement between a business or individual and the Chicago Department of Finance (the “Department”) that resolves the business’ or individual’s tax liability to the City of Chicago.

MyDec - Real Property Transfer Tax

EZ Dec is a website where attorneys, title companies and individuals can file real property transfer tax declarations online.

Real Property Transfer Tax Refund - Seniors

Section 3-33-060(O) of the Municipal Code includes a refund provision for the CTA portion of the Real Property Transfer Tax for transfers valued at $250,000.00 or less to transferees who are age 65 years or older and will occupy the property as the principal dwelling place for at least one year following the transfer.

Tax Fraud

Reporting Chicago Business Tax Fraud

Tax Ordinances

Find Chicago Business Tax Ordinances

Tax Refund

Apply for a Chicago Business Tax Refund



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