Tax Exemptions and Registration Certificates

We are pleased to announce that businesses may now create, view, and download their own Certificate of Registration for taxes administered by the Department of Finance. This new feature is available in the "Tax Services" menu on the Chicago Business Direct dashboard. Use the new "Manage Certificate of Registration" tile and select "Certificate of Registration" in the Application Type menu to create certificates for linked accounts.

Certificates are valid for two years from the date of creation. Registered users will be able to view historical certificates and renew existing ones through Chicago Business Direct. To create and renew a certificate, the account must:

(1) Be registered for the requested tax type.

(2) Be free of any tax holds for delinquent returns or deficient balances.

(3) Meet a minimum payment threshold for the requested tax type. 

If you are unable to apply online, please contact our Exemptions Unit at to apply for a certificate of registration. In your request, please include your business name, City of Chicago account number, contact information, type of certificate for which you are applying and a copy of your current certificate (if applicable).
In addition, please contact our Exemptions Unit at to apply for any of the exemptions below (*). In your request, please include your business name, City of Chicago business account number, contact information, certificate for which you are applying, a copy of your current certificate (if applicable) and the completed application.   
*Amusement Tax (7510)
  • Complete this Amusement Tax Exemption Application if you are requesting an exemption on an event basis in accordance with Section 4-156-020B(5)(a) through 4-156-020B(5)(g) of the Chicago Amusement Tax ordinance.

For Amusement Tax exemption requests in accordance with 4-156-020B(5)(a)through (f), the applicant must demonstrate that the proceeds intended to inure exclusively to the benefit of the exempt entity or entities are reasonably anticipated to equal at least 10 percent of the gross revenues from the amusement. 

*Personal Property Lease Transaction Tax (7550): Small New Business Exemption For Nonpossessory Computer Leases 

Please note, in order to qualify for this exemption your business must:

1) Hold a valid and current business license issued by the City or another jurisdiction.

2) Have under $25 Million in gross receipts or sales for the most recent full calendar year prior to the annual tax year for which the exemption is sought.

3) Have been in operation for fewer than 60 months.

If you do not meet ALL of the above requirements, you will not qualify for the exemption.

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