Utility Charge Exemptions & Rebates

We are extending COVID-19 relief through June 30, 2020 as follows:  

  • No new late penalties assessed on unpaid utility bills until after June 30, 2020
  • No payment plans defaulted until after June 30, 2020
  • No past due debt referral to a collection firm until after June 30, 2020

Please be aware that beginning July 1, 2020, we will again begin to take steps to collect any past due and non-compliant accounts.  This means that if your account is currently past due, it is important to bring your account current before July 1 to avoid any additional penalties, payment plan default, or referral to a collection firm, if eligible.

We offer very flexible payment plans, and we encourage you to take advantage of one, if you haven’t already.  Avoid the collection activities listed above by enrolling in and making payments through a payment plan.  

You can enter into a payment plan by:

  • visiting  www.cityofchicago.org/finance and creating an online account
  • calling us at 312-744-4426 and using the automated phone system or by speaking with a customer service representative  

If you are already enrolled in a payment plan and are unable to pay a bill you received after entering into the payment plan, you can now add your new bill into an existing payment plan.  Please access your account on our website in order to take advantage of this feature.


Estamos extendiendo el alivio COVID-19 hasta el 30 de Junio del 2020 de la siguiente manera:

  • No se impondran nuevas penalidades por retraso en las facturas de servicios públicos no pagados hasta después del 30 de Junio del 2020.
  • No habra cancelaciones en planes de pago hasta después del 30 de junio de 2020
  • Ninguna deuda vencida sera enviada a una agencia de cobranza hasta después del 30 de Junio del 2020

Tenga en cuenta que a partir del 1ro de Julio del 2020, nuevamente comenzaremos a tomar medidas para cobrar las cuentas vencidas. Esto significa que si su cuenta está vencida actualmente, es importante actualizar su cuenta antes del 1ro de Julio para evitar penalidades adicionales, cancelacion del plan de pagos o derivación a una agencia de cobranza, si es elegible.

Ofrecemos planes de pago muy flexibles, y le recomendamos que aproveche uno, si aún no lo ha hecho. Evite las actividades de cobro enumeradas anteriormente al inscribirse y realizar pagos a través de un plan de pago.

Puede ingresar a un plan de pago de la siguiente manera:

  • Visitando www.cityofchicago.org/finance y creando una cuenta en línea
  • Llamándonos al 312-744-4426 y usando el sistema telefónico automatizado o hablando con un representante de servicio al cliente.

Si ya está inscrito en un plan de pago y no puede pagar una factura que recibió después de ingresar al plan de pago, ahora puede agregar su nueva factura a un plan de pago existente. Acceda a su cuenta en nuestro sitio web para aprovechar esta función.

Utility Billing & Customer Service administers water and sewer fee exemption programs. You or your organization may be eligible.

Senior Citizen Sewer Service Charge Exemption & Rebate

The Senior Citizen Sewer Exemption entitles seniors aged 65 or over, residing in their own residence with separate metered water service or a separate city water assessment for that residential unit, to an exemption from payment of the sewer service charge for their residence. This exemption provides substantial savings to seniors.

Senior Citizens, who own and occupy their own residence, but who are not eligible for the Senior Citizen Sewer Charge Exemption due to property type, can apply for the Senior Citizen Sewer Rebate. This provides an annual $50 rebate in lieu of the exemption.

To be eligible for the sewer service charge exemption:

  • You must be 65 years of age or older
  • You must be the owner of the residential unit
  • You must occupy the residential unit as your principal place of residence
  • The residential unit must have a separate water meter or assessed account

To be eligible for the sewer charge annual rebate:

  • You must be 65 years of age, or older, as of January 1 for the year you are applying.
  • You must be the sole owner, or owner in joint tenancy, or tenancy in common of the property.
  • You must occupy the property as your principal place of residence.
  • You must own a townhouse, condominium unit, or cooperative apartment that shares a common water bill.

How To Apply

If you meet all the above criteria and wish to apply, you must submit a Senior Sewer Application. The form must be completed in its entirety and submitted with all supporting documentation. 

If the conditions under which you submit your application change, you are required to make the City aware of these changes to determine if the exemption still applies.  If it is determined that this exemption was approved under false pretenses, you may be liable for any previously waived charges as well as any applicable penalties or fines. The City reserves the right to request recertification of the exemption periodically.

Senior Citizen Garbage Fee Discount

No application is required. If a customer is currently receiving the Cook County Senior Assessment Freeze, the Senior Garbage Fee Discount will be automatically applied to their utility bill. For more information on the Cook County Senior Freeze, please see the Cook County Treasurer's website.

Not-For-Profit Organization Exemption

The Municipal Code of Chicago was amended by the City Council as it relates to exemptions. The amended ordinance 11-12-540 became effective January 1, 2013. You can read a summary of the amendment.

  • The account must have a meter to receive the exemption.
  • The organization should complete the application and return it as indicted in the correspondence.
  • After the application is processed, the organization's first bill will reflect the organization's appropriate exemption level in accordance with their submitted application.

How To Apply

  1. Download the Not-For-Profit Exemption Application, and fill it out completely before submitting to the address on the form. Don't forget to fill out the 2nd page with your financial data and sign the 3rd page.
  2. Download the NFP Water Conservation Plan Commitment, and follow the instructions on the form to submit it. The Department of Water Management will be available to assist in developing a plan.

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