Utility Bill Payment Plan

Utility Billing & Customer Service has many payment plan set-up options:  

  • Payment plans are available 24 hours, 7 days a week via our online account management tool.
  • They can also be set-up 24 hours, 7 days a week via our automated phone system at 312-744-4426
  • If you prefer, you can speak with a customer service representative at 312-744-4426
  • Finally, you can set-up a Utility Billing Payment Plan in person at any Department of Finance Payment Processing Center

To participate:

  • Use one of the options above to set-up the payment plan
  • The payment plan will include past due and current charges
  • You can set-up your payment plan for up to 36 months using our online account management tool or automated phone system
  • If you require a longer repayment schedule, please call a customer service representative at 312-744-4426
  • Make the first payment which is equal to your monthly installments. No down payment is required
  • To remain on the payment plan, you must remain current with installment payments and future utility bill charges. Payments must be made on time
  • Failure to remain current may result in a default of the payment plan
  • Payment plans can be refreshed using the online account management tool. This is helpful when you get a new bill with current charges and want to add them to an existing payment plan



  • Any new payment plans will be consolidated with your regular utility bill
  • Any accounts that have a new payment plan, will be billed monthly
  • Once an account has an active payment plan, monthly billing cannot be changed, even if the payment plan is completed

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