Centralized Invoice Processing

Want to get paid faster?  Here’s how…


If you have a contract with the City of Chicago, you could get paid faster than you ever have before.

Beginning April 18, 2011, the City will centralize invoice entry and payment processing at the Office of the City Comptroller for most contracts.  This means that, if your contract is eligible for centralized invoice processing, you should submit your invoice DIRECTLY to the Comptroller’s office for expedited processing.

How do you know if your contract is eligible?

This reference list of eligible contracts will be updated each month to ensure that newly-awarded contracts are included in the current list.  Contracts will continue to appear on the list for six months past their expiration; after that time, they will be removed from the list.

What information should be included on your invoice?

In addition to standard invoice information (vendor name and/or number, remittance address, invoice number and date, amount due, and details on goods or services delivered to the City of Chicago), you should include the following information on your invoice to ensure the fastest-possible payment…

  • PO Number
  • Release Number (if applicable)
  • Name of City department that ordered goods or services
  • Name and phone number of your contact at the ordering department
  • Receipt number

Please note that if your invoice is missing any of this information, payment WILL be delayed.


Where do you get a Receipt number?

The Comptroller has directed each City department to enter Receipts in our accounting system with accurate and timely details on the quantity of goods or services you have delivered.  Once the Receipt is entered, the department should provide you with the Receipt number.  Please note that we have left it to each department’s discretion as to what communication channel (phone, email, letter, etc.) they will use to send Receipt numbers.

What if your contract isn’t on the list of eligible contracts?

If your contract isn’t eligible for centralized invoice processing, you should send your invoices to the ordering department for entry and preliminary processing.

What if you don’t have a contract with the City of Chicago?

If you are providing goods or services to the City of Chicago WITHOUT a contract, you should send your invoices to the ordering department for entry and preliminary processing.

Where do you send eligible invoices for centralized processing?

Send eligible invoices via US Postal Service to:



City of Chicago, Office of the City Comptroller

121 N. LaSalle St., Room 700

Chicago, IL 60602


Or via email to: INVOICES@cityofchicago.org with the word INVOICE in the subject line.

Questions? View the - FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Or

Please send questions to INVOICES@cityofchicago.org with the word QUESTION in the subject line.

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