General Questions

  • How can I confirm that my on-line enrollment forms were received by the Benefits Management Division?
    You will receive a message that congratulates you on successfully completing the on-line enrollment process. It is best to print this message out and keep for future reference.
  • How much money is deducted from my paycheck if I enroll for coverage?
    The City’s medical care plans have been set up as an Internal Revenue Code Section 125 plan that allows you to pay for coverage with before-tax contributions. This means that if you enroll for medical coverage, money will be deducted from each of your paychecks whether you use the plan or not. The deduction is your employee contribution towards the total cost of coverage.


    Your cost for medical coverage is based on your salary and level of dependent coverage. If you change your level of dependent coverage during the year because of an eligible change in family status (i.e newborn child, marriage, or divorce), your cost will increase or decrease accordingly. Also, your cost will be adjusted during the year to reflect changes in your salary.

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