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What is the difference between term life insurance and universal life insurance? How do I enroll?

TERM LIFE INSURANCE (MetLife Insurance) – Insurance providing protection for the time you are employed.  You do not continue term insurance if you leave the City.  The premium is more affordable than the premium for a smaller amount of universal life insurance.

The City of Chicago provides $25,000 basic group term life insurance coverage at no cost to full-time employees through MetLife Insurance.  The employee’s spouse and/or dependents are not eligible for basic group term life coverage.

An employee can purchase optional term life insurance through payroll deduction up to ten times his or her annual salary.  Premium payment amounts are based on age and salary.  Optional term life insurance can also be purchased through the employee’s payroll deduction for a spouse ($10,000, $25,000, or $50,000) and eligible dependents ($5,000 or $10,000).

Important Notice (MetLife) – New Hires: Proof of good health will be required if a new employee fails to enroll within 31 days of hire date.  MetLife will send information to the home address. 

For more information, contact MetLife customer service at 1-866-492-6983 or visit

UNIVERSAL LIFE INSURANCE (Texas Life Insurance) – Insurance designed to provide life-long protection as long as the policy is in force, even after you leave city employment.  The premium is higher than a similar amount of term insurance.

Universal life insurance is also available through payroll deduction to eligible full-time employees and their eligible dependents through Texas Life Insurance. 

This optional insurance is portable which means the employee owns the policy and can choose to continue coverage at the same rates after leaving the City employment. Premium amounts are based on salary and age.

Important Notice (Texas Life) – New Hires: Employees can enroll year-round however; spouses and dependents are eligible for Express Issue enrollment only within 30 days of the employee’s hire date and at fall open enrollment. To schedule an enrollment appointment with a Texas Life representative or for more information contact Texas Life customer service at 1-800-638-6855.

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