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When coverage begins for you


The City's medical care plans have been set up as an Internal Revenue Code Section 125 plan that allows you to pay for coverage with before-tax contributions. As a result, you must enroll in a plan before your coverage is effective. Your coverage will be effective on the first day of the month after your hire date if:


  • you complete enrollment by that date, and
  • the City begins the required payroll deduction.


For example, if you are hired on March 5th, your coverage will begin on April 1 if you enroll by that date and your payroll deductions begin.

However, if you are confined to a hospital when coverage is scheduled to begin, coverage will begin when you are no longer confined.


Important: If you don't enroll in a plan within 30 days of your hire date or the date you have a change in family status, as defined on pages ME-9 and ME-10 of the City of Chicago Employee Benefits Handbook, your next chance to enroll won't be until the next open enrollment.


The effective date of coverage after an open enrollment period is usually January 1st of the following year.



For further enrollment guidelines and/or definitions of enrollment terms, please click here: City of Chicago Employee Benefits Handbook



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