Purpose of Bond Proceeds

AIRPORT BONDS can be used

Capital improvements at the airport including:

  • Noise abatement programs
  • Reconfiguring runway system
  • Rehabilitation of airfields, runways and taxiways
  • Security improvements at the airports
  • Terminal and concourse upgrades


  • Constructing, equipping, altering and repairing various municipal facilities including fire stations, police stations, libraries, senior and health centers and other municipal facilities
  • Duly authorized acquisition of improved and unimproved real property within the City for municipal, industrial, commercial or residential purposes, or any combination thereof, and the improvement, demolition and/or remediation of any such property  
  • Enhancement of economic development within the City by making direct grants to, or deposits to funds or accounts to secure the obligations of, not-for-profit or for-profit organizations doing business or seeking to do business in the City
  • Fund cash flow needs of the City
  • Funding of (A) judgments entered against the City, (B) certain settlements or other payments required to be made by the City as a condition to the resolution of litigation or threatened litigation and (C) such escrow accounts or other reserves as shall be deemed necessary for any of said purposes
  • Grants to assist not-for-profit organizations or educational or cultural institutions, or to assist other municipal corporations, units of local government, school districts, the State or the United States of America
  • Infrastructure improvements to enhance the development of economic activity, including industrial street construction and improvements, streetscaping, median landscaping, demolition of hazardous, vacant or dilapidated buildings that pose a threat to public safety and welfare, shoreline reconstruction and riverbank stabilization, residential and commercial infrastructure redevelopment and railroad viaduct clearance improvements
  • Payment of certain contributions to the Policemen’s Annuity and Benefit Fund, the Firemen’s Annuity and Benefit Fund, the Municipal Employees’, Officers’ and Officials’ Annuity and Benefit Fund and the Laborers’ and Retirement Board Employees’ Annuity and Benefit Fund
  • Public right-of-way infrastructure improvements in City neighborhoods, including street and alley construction and improvements, lighting improvements, sidewalk improvements and replacement, and curb and gutter repairs and replacement                       
  • Provision of facilities, services and equipment to protect and enhance public safety, including, but not limited to, increased costs for police and fire protection services, emergency medical services, staffing at the City’s emergency call center and other City facilities, and enhanced security measures at airports and other major City facilities
  • The acquisition of personal property, including, but not limited to, computer hardware and software, vehicles or other capital items useful or necessary for City purposes
  • Transportation improvements, including street resurfacing, bridge and freight tunnel rehabilitation, traffic signal modernization, new traffic signal installation, intersection safety improvements and transit facility improvements


MOTOR FUEL TAX (MFT) BONDS can be used for

  • Projects authorized under the Motor Fuel Tax Funds Act

SALES TAX BONDS can be used for:

  • Constructing, equipping, altering & repairing various municipal facilities
  • Finance various capital & infrastructure improvements in the City that includes street & alley construction & improvements, lighting improvements, sidewalk improvements, replacement of curb & gutter, etc.
  • Grants to assist (a) educational or cultural institutions within the city, (b) other municipal corporations, units of local government or school districts
  • Projects that enhance the development of economic activity, including industrial street construction & improvements, streetscaping, hazardous building demolition, shoreline reconstruction, railroad viaduct clearance improvements
  • The acquisition of necessary capital equipment to be purchased by the City
  • Transportation improvements including street resurfacing, bridge & freight tunnel rehabilitation, traffic signal modernization & installation, intersection safety improvements & transit facility improvements  


  • Financing general public infrastructure improvements, including streets, sidewalks, traffic signals, sewer and water systems
  • The development of residential housing in areas of need
  • Environmental remediation of land and buildings
  • Improving the viability of downtown business districts
  • Providing infrastructure needed to develop a site for new industrial or commercial use
  • Rehabilitating historic properties. The redevelopment of substandard, obsolete, or vacant buildings

WASTEWATER BONDS can be used for:

Capital improvements to the sewer system including:

  • Flood abatement
  • Reconstructing, lining and rehabilitation of the sewers
  • Sewer replacement and auxiliary outlet sewers

WATER BONDS can be used for:

Capital improvements to and extensions of the water system including:

  • Enhancement to the two purification plants
  • Installing new and replacing old grid mains
  • Installing and replacing meters
  • Upgrading various pumping stations

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