Consolidated Notices for Businesses

Tickets Issued to Corporate Vehicles

Fleet Vehicles: As a service to owners of fleet vehicles, the Department of Finance will provide a comprehensive list of outstanding tickets associated with the vehicles’ license plates.  For example, instead of sending out each notice in a separate envelope, it will consolidate a month's worth of notices into a single mailing.  Available upon request, the service is meant to be a convenience to companies with 10 or more vehicles.  Although corporate notices are generated monthly, time periods and ordinances they apply to are similar to standard notices. However, each corporate notice contains a cover letter which details the overall notices and enforcement options.

Lease/Rentals: Pursuant to Section 5/11-1306 of the Illinois Vehicle Code, no person who is the lessor of a vehicle pursuant to a written lease agreement will be liable for violations involving such vehicle during the period of the lease.  The violations include violations of any parking or standing regulation of this Act or of a local authority.  However, the condition is that upon the request of the appropriate authority received within 120 days after the violation occurred, the lessor provides within 60 days after such receipt the name and address of the lessee.  Upon receipt of a lessor's notification of the name and address of the lessee, the Department of Finance will send a Notice of Violation to the lessee.

Taxi/Livery: Pursuant to a written lease agreement, taxi and livery owners can provide lessee information in accordance with Section 5/11-1306 of the Illinois Vehicle Code.

Renewal/Clearances: To facilitate the renewal of a taxi medallion, livery plate or a Chauffeurs License, all personal parking and compliance tickets must be paid.  Another area of compliance which must be satisfied is the Ground Transportation Tax.


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